Glass Treatments

Nanobond Glass coating solutions is a nanotechnology that is formulated to bond with the structure of glass at a molecular level.

After the surface has been treated, you will be able to clean the glass surface with water and a microfiber cloth quite easily.

The Nano coating process involves a 3 step process. The first stage cuts the glass and restores it to its original silica state.

The second stage is a cleaning process to remove any dirt or grit to prepare the surface for the final stage.

It is then ready for the final process where the nano-scale coating can be applied. It is completely invisible.

Choose the most appropriate one to suit your needs

Benefits :

  • Easy application

  • Cost effective , fast to apply

  • Water and dirt repellent

  • Outstanding and unmatched coverage rates

  • Scratch resistant

  • Hard coating highly abrasion resistant 

  • Inorganic UV resistant

  • Invisible Nano-scale thickness

  • Easy to clean/self cleaning effect

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