Automotive Window Treatments
Our treatment deals with hard water stains, salt spots, wax from car washes, silicon and other unwanted pollutants and chemicals on all accessible areas of glass which is then treated with the nanotechnology coating NB2020. The coating is water resistant after 20 minutes and the optimum repellent effect will be reached in 24 hours.
For care and maintenance we recommend a standard cleaner or just water. Life expectancy on outside front windscreen 2 years, side and back windows 5 years.
⦁    Improved visibility in rainy conditions by over 30%
⦁    Improves night vision and driver safety with anti-glare effect
⦁    Repels water, oil, dirt, dust, salt and ice
⦁    Easy to clean/ self-cleaning effect on window  glass
⦁    Long lasting durable protection. Scratch resistant, hard coating
⦁    Research indicates improved driver responses time to road hazards of up to 25%
⦁    Peace of mind and confidence that you will enjoy the best vision through your window in wet and dark conditions