T44 DryAs Nano Fabric Treatment


T44 DryAs uses nanomaterials to provide you with the latest in water and dirt repellent treatment for fabrics. 
DryAs treatment is suitable as a surface impregnating agent for indoor and outdoor fabrics and textiles. It is effective as a water repellent. The product is transparent and no visible change to substrate is evident. The treated substrate still has the ability to breathe.

⦁    Repels water and dirt on indoor and outdoor textiles, leather and suede.
⦁    Water based, environmentally friendly
⦁    Water repellent, Easy to Clean Effect
⦁    Good penetration into porous surfaces
⦁    Excellent moisture regulation
⦁    Economical, outstanding coverage rate
⦁    Permeable to vapour
⦁    Invisible
⦁    Zero VOC , odour free
⦁    Dirt cannot penetrate coated surfaces and is easily removed.
⦁    Dirt can be removed easy by rain or by rinsing with clean water by the use of a mild cleaner. On external surfaces, moss, mould, algae and lichen growth is significantly reduced.

T44 DryAs can be used for water and dirt 
repellent treatment on following substrates:

  • Fabric and Textile

  • Canvas

  • Acrylic Fabrics

  • Yacht Sails

  • Hoods and Boat Dodgers

  • Tents 

  • Awnings

  • Boat covers

  • Soft-tops on Cars

  • Outdoor and indoor covered furniture

  • Shoe textile, leather and suede

  • Textile Mountaineering and snow gear

  • Fabric Hunting gear

  • Carpets

  • Military, Navy and Airforce outdoor fabrics

  • Fabrics Hunting gear

  • Equestrian fabric gear and horse covers