About Us


Now in Auckland and Manawatu-Wanganui


Nanobond Ltd is a New Zealand owned and run company, we specialize in the supply and application of nano surface treatments, surface restoration and protection of glass, concrete, masonry, cement, stainless steel, aluminium, fabric and leather for domestic and commercial use.The applied nanotechnology used in the products is cutting edge, giving you efficient, effective, Eco-friendly protection of your surfaces, with greatly reduced effort and frequency of maintenance and cleaning.The future is here, just look at smart phones and 3D printers how they have developed over the last few years. Take advantage of our nano-technology based products to save you time, effort and money while protecting your assets.Our expert team is knowledgeable about our products and ready to advise and assist you to experience the benefits of these nano-future products in your environment.

“This product works so well and has made my life so much easier. can can now effortlessly clean the shower.”


Lisa, Auckland

“NanoBond works so well on my car windshield. i can now see better than ever and feel more safe on the roads. I'd say this is a must”


Mary & Andrew, Wanganui