Water Repellent Timber Coating


Product Description
T45 TimberGuard is a water-based hydrophobic treatment for timber and is environmentally friendly. It is the result of extensive research and represents the latest in advanced nanotechnology and sub-micron research to provide innovative solutions for moisture problems and avoiding their effects associated particularly with building timber.

Benefits and Advantages
•    Repels water and dirt and significantly reduces the growth of mold, mildew, fungus and bacteria while providing excellent moisture regulation          and improved dimensional stability. 
•    Dries transparent and does not visibly change the surface look or texture of the surface.
•    Degradation due to freeze-thaw cycles and water ingress is also significantly reduced.   
•    Treated surfaces are UV Resistant. 
•    Zero VOC. 
•    Vapour permeable and breathable. 
•    Good penetration into porous timber surfaces.
•    Long-lasting and economical with outstanding coverage rates. 
•    Recommended for treating solid timber, laminates and chip-board as a water repellent.  
•    Ideal for use on frames, trusses, decks, fences and pergolas. 
•    Excellent results obtained from use on Radiata Pine and other construction timber during storage after manufacture, transport, site storage
      before construction and weather exposed construction before being fully enclosed.
Surface Preparation
Surfaces to be treated must be unpainted, clean, dry and free from wax, oils, other coatings or contaminants.
New timber does not normally need special preparation.

Application Directions
T45 TimberGuard is a ready to use product. 
Apply T45 TimberGuard to surface with a brush or by low pressure spray with the delivery being sufficient to saturate the surface.
Hand-held or back- pack spray systems with a flexible pipe and wand with a spray nozzle is suitable for large areas.
Set nozzle setting to deliver a small droplet spray.    
Vertical surfaces should be treated from the ground up. 
Allow first coat to soak in fully and apply a second coat after 5 minutes, again to saturate the surface. 
Some hardwoods and end-grains may benefit from a third coat. 
Temperature range for surface application:  +5°C to +35°C / 41°F to 86°F.
Test on samples first to determine suitable results per timber type. Allow to dry. Protect from rain for at least 4 hours. 
Avoid spray application in high wind situations. Overspray should be avoided and areas not intended to be treated should be masked. 
Avoid applying in bad weather conditions. Impregnation needs to have the possibility to dry completely before it can get wet.  
Treated surfaces will start to display water repellent effect after surface is completely dry with the maximum effect after 48hours. 
During application and drying, the temperature should not drop below +4°C/ 41°F. 
Dries within 1 - 4 hours on the surface under normal conditions (20°C/68°F, 50% relative humidity). 
The drying time varies with the temperature / humidity and surface conditions and absorption of the substrate.